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Hazleton Pumps takes honours at SEIFSA awards


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SAPSDA Objectives

The objectives of the Association are:


Sustainable development of the Southern African pump industry and related sectors by implementation of the SAPSDA Skills Development Plan by providing a platform where new entrants to the industry can enjoy the hand over of knowledge and skills already existing the industry to the young and less experienced.



Development and implementation of the SAPSDA Development Plan will involve the following but will not be limited to:



1              Formation of a “Skills Development” committee (link to Skills development plan)



2                   To develop local manufacturing with the objective of creating employment opportunities and ultimately be able to compete in the export market and assist local manufacturing members to increase the local content of products, produced for the industry, and qualify for designation. (link to local manufacture)



3                   To obtain certification for locally manufactured products that is accepted internationally.

(link to certification)







4                   Participate, as an association, in the relevant outboard missions and exhibitions as arranged by the dti export and marketing assistance program - both locally and internationally. (link to participation in export incentives)





Providing networking opportunities by providing a platform for members to informally meet with suppliers, manufacturers, end users, employers and labour to develop an understanding of each other’s challenges within the industry and create symbiotic relationships.



Encouraging transformation and improving local content through the creation of a peer-regulated certification process encouraging local content and transformation development without the sacrifice of sustainability. 




Lobbying the relevant government departments to put in place the correct frame work to provide the industry the opportunity to further develop and expand.



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