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Date : 2018-06-16


In Memoriam


Lester Fine

 4 February 1948 - 16 June 2018

Lester Fine, the Managing Director of SAPSDA passed away on 16 June 2018 in Johannesburg at the age of 70.


Lester was born on 4 February 1948.  After finishing High School King David he graduated from University of the Witwatersrand with a Bachelor of Science (BSc) Degree in Chemical Engineering in 1969  and in 1984 he obtained a M.B.A also from the University of the Witwatersrand.

 From 1983 to 2000 Lester was employed by FLEXIBOX INTERNATIONAL LIMITED, and was the Managing Director of when he left the service of the company after 17 years.

Thereafter until 2014 he was the Manager Strategic Projects for Voith Turbo.

From 2014 to 2015 he was the Managing Director at Integrated Pump Technology. The team at Integrated Pump Technology all remember Lester with a fond heart, his ability to give guidance and leadership in his on unique style, normally with a huge smile and a ton of patience, will be greatly missed. Many of us have worked with Lester over the past 16 years and without a doubt the attribute that will be mostly missed was his great willingness to impart his wealth of knowledge and experience on all who were willing to learn. A truly great friend and mentor, he will be missed.

In 2014 he availed himself to serve as a director of the Southern African Pump Systems Development Association (SAPSDA) and when the association changed from an employers’ association (SAPMA) to a development association in 2014 and became the first Chairman of the SAPSDA Board of Directors. Under Lester’s leadership SAPSDA got involved with SASSDA the Southern African Stainless-Steel Development Association and the mutual beneficial relationship between the associations led to SASSDA becoming the administrators for SAPSDA in 2017.  Lester filled the position as the SAPSDA Chairman with great skill and competence until his passing in 2018.

Lester will be remembered as a diligent, passionate and patient professional with a friendly smile whom always had an encouraging word for everybody – always ready to go the extra mile. His dedication to the pump industry and his huge contribution to the success of SAPSDA will forever be appreciated.

He is deeply mourned by his wife, Susan, and four Children namely Mandy, Terri, Gregory and Stacey.


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