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Date : 2018-09-10

In 2013 the South African Pump Manufacturers Association (Sapma®) was requested by the dti as well as ESKOM to form the South African Pump Cluster and in order to comply with the dti requirement to form a cluster, Sapma had to change from being an employer’s association to become a development association and to register as a non-profit company and as a result the Southern African Pump Systems Development Association® (Sapsda®) was formed.

The new board of directors of Sapsda decided to emulate the structure of the Southern Africa Stainless Steel Development Association® (Sassda) which has been in existence since 1964 and has more than 400 members.

Sassda is one of the most active stainless-steel industry associations in the world and has been involved in increasing the awareness and use of stainless steel in Southern Africa. The organisation provides a platform for Sassda members to collectively promote the sustainable growth and development of the industry with the main emphasis on stainless steel converted within the South African economy.

Sassda also provides a comprehensive list of services to its member base falling into eight categories:

·       Marketing of stainless steel to grow the demand for stainless steel finished products;

·       Education and training to remove barriers to the specification, fabrication and use of stainless steel;

·       Safeguarding the industry to strive to achieve a level playing field in trade;

·       Raising Sassda’s profile to ensure that Sassda is THE voice of industry;

·       Export promotion to grow export markets for Sassda members;

·       Market development to grow the local market for Sassda members;

·       Member engagement to ensure that Sassda is a member driven association; and

·       Transformation of the industry to ensure the long-term sustainability of the stainless steel industry.

As part of safeguarding the industry, Sassda forms sectors and clusters when needed to provide a platform for members to competitively work together.

Sapsda joined Sassda in 2017 with the main aim that Sassda not only handles the administration of Sapsda but Sapsda also utilizes the facilities of Sassda situated at 37-41, Homestead Road, Edenburg, Rivonia for training and meetings.


Again, the format as set by Sassda was emulated and Sapsda identified the various sectors that a pump system would consists of, as follows:

·      Pumps

·      Electrical Motors and Drives

·      Sealing Systems

·      Bearings

·      Couplings and Mechanical Drives

·      Control Valves

·      Electrical Cables

·      Switchgear and Control Panels

With the South African Foundry Industry being under pressure due to the impact of the importation of cheap cast iron products. It was established that South Africa foundry industry is internationally competitive when Stainless-Steel castings and in particular where Duplex Stainless-Steel are required. Sapsda and Sassda will promote the manufacture of Stainless-Steel products such as pumps, valves and sealing systems to compete internationally and stimulate growth in at least three of the Sapsda sectors.


Besides the drive to manufacture specific stainless-steel products in South Africa both associations have put a development plan in place to promote local manufacture as well as skills development. Education, training and skills upgrading are without doubt three of the most important factors determining the successful growth of an industry.


Any industry, therefore, which aims to become competitive both locally and in world markets must have both the will and the means to ensure that its personnel, at all levels, are educated in every aspect of their job. Various training courses are being presented by Sassda some of which are:

·         Introduction to Stainless Steel, which is presented as an on-line course:

The course is a self-paced, convenient and easily accessible e-learning programme offering basic understanding of stainless-steel. The target audience is all new-comers and non-technical personnel involved with activities in an organisation that directly or indirectly liaise or interface with customers.


The course costs are R 220.00 per person for a Sassda Member and R 380.00 per person for Non-Members.

·         Handling and Fabrication of Stainless Steel

This course introduces employees to stainless steel best practices in the workshop and warehouse when handling, storing, fabricating and working with stainless steel. The target audience would include persons exposed to and working with stainless.


The course costs are R 900.00 per person for a Sassda Member and R 1200.00 per person for Non-Members.


·         Fundamentals of Stainless Steel

This is an intermediate course aimed at people who have acquired a basic understanding of stainless steel through workplace experience and/or from completing the Introduction to Stainless Steel e-learning course.  The targeted audience would include new comers to the industry, as well as persons requiring a more in-depth knowledge of stainless steel, such as salespersons, supervisors, managers, specifiers and end users.

Once learners have attended the course, they will be required to complete an electronic assessment and achieve a set standard to receive a certificate of successful completion.

The course costs are R 1 200.00 per person for a Sassda Member and R 1 500.00 per person for Non-Members.

·         Advanced Stainless-Steel Course

This is an intensive 3-day course on stainless steel for people who require an advanced understanding of stainless steel and have completed the Fundamentals of Stainless Steel course and includes a 1-day mill visit to Columbus Stainless.

The course costs are R 2 800.00 per person for a Sassda Member and R 3 800.00 per person for Non-Members.

All costs quoted excludes VAT and Sassda has also offered sapsda member companies to attend the Stainless-Steel training course as the same fees charged to sassda member companies.

On becoming a development association Sapsda formulated the Development Plan which consists of the following 4 sections:

·           Skills Development:

Training material and courses are to be revised and updated, and member companies are invited to participate in the Skills Development Committee as well as getting other associations and institutions involve i.e. SAIEE, SAIME, Sassda and SAFA. Colleges and universities to collaborate with Skills Development Committee to offer previously disadvantaged students’ exposure to the industry with the aim to join the industry. Member companies are encouraged to offer internships and apprenticeships.


·           Local Manufacturing:

In order to stimulate growth in the market for local manufactured stainless-steel products such as pumps, valves and sealing systems these products need to be designated and therefore the revival of the South African Pump Cluster to comply with the dti requirements is necessitated.


All companies that can manufacture the components required by the local industry will be identified and member companies encouraged to support these manufacturers. Previously disadvantaged companies are to be assisted to become future suppliers to the industry, while black industrialists are to be developed by offering mentorships.

·      Local Certification:

Products manufactured locally need to be certified by a local certification authority and the accreditation of this local certification authority need to be accepted internationally to encourage exports which will a major factor in job creations. To reach this objective international market opportunities will be identified opportunities and other associations that have the same objectives will be collaborated with.


·         Export and Marketing Assistance:

Sapsda, as a development association, plans to participate in the various outboard missions and exhibitions as arranged by the dti, relevant to the industry.  The dti regularly offers opportunities in the form of Outboard missions and Exhibitions under the dti export and marketing assistance (EMIA) program both locally and internationally.


For further information regarding becoming members of these associations please contact the following:




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